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Transcend Coffee – “Genesis”

7 Dec
I’ve already posted a preview of Transcend Coffee.
Costa Rica "Genesis"

Costa Rica "Genesis"

If you haven’t read that already, you should check that out. In a nutshell, I received two Costa Rican coffees from Transcend; James @transcendcoffee hooked me up. One was profiled for filter coffee named “Genesis” and the other was profiled for espresso called “Santa Lucia” (which I will post at a later date).
To make sure it’s clear, these are two different lots of coffee from different farms.
Filter / Drip Results for “Genesis”

Region: Lourdes de Naranjo, Costa Rica

Pour Over

Brewed with 19grams of coffee and 340mL water via a Clever Dripper device. The first few coffees I prepared were pour overs. This was a nice clean cup, good mouthfeel (though slightly thin), wine-y and mellow pear. The acidity structure was not as nice here as I expected, better on the french press (read on). Notes included: the aroma on this was delicious, spice and apples. Main body was that mellow pear/ melon. Clean finish.

Press Pot (French Press)

Brewed with 26grams of coffee via Frieling. The biggest surprise here was the change in the acidity structure. I found a nice sparkling acidity here, which was snappy and citrus-like. I found more spice and cinnamon present as well. It was still relatively clean and it cooled a little better.

Clever Dripper with Costa Rica "Genesis"

Clever Dripper with Costa Rica "Genesis"

Combined Notes and Scoring

The overall cup was well balanced, great acidity, with a good nose and mellow, but sweet, main body.

 Aroma  9 /10 
 Body  8 /10
 Sweetness    9 /10
 Acidity  9 /10
 Finish  8.5 /10
I’m including +3 cuppers points (for cooling well and overall balance) thus pushing it to a high 90 points.
Total 100 point score of 90/100.