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PeterAsher Coffee – Preview

22 Nov

John Herriott at PeterAsher Coffee & Tea got in contact with me two weeks ago, offering coffee samples. He linked me to their website, which is insanely misrepresentative of their knowledge and product. I was, to say the least, very sceptical of what I was to receive. The site says nothing about any of the coffees, at all, except for a random (and irrelevant) blurb.

Thankfully, this is one of those cases where I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. There was lots of information on the coffees, nice clean proper packaging, and some info on relations with their farmers.

Here is a quick video of the un-boxing and some updates:



The coffees I received were:

“Minussi Brothers”, Brazil – PeterAsher Coffee
“Bob-O-Link”, Brazil – PeterAsher Coffee
“Kimel Estate”, Papua New Guinea – PeterAsher Coffee

PeterAsher Coffee

PeterAsher Coffee

All of which had detailed info on everything down to the processing and drying. Nice! I look forward to cupping these up this week.

Also, stay tuned for the Transcend Coffee full detailed posts.

Happy coffee,