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Social Coffee – People’s Liberation Espresso

31 Oct

It’s a rainy Monday afternoon and I just got in some new coffee from Social Coffee Company; an espresso blend called “Farmer’s Liberation”.

Here is a relatively short video about that coffee and an espresso extraction with it. I do a quick summary of the blend at the end. It’s really nice, with notes of chocolate, berry, red fruit and a sugary-honey sweetness.


People's Liberation

People's Liberation

Social Coffee – People’s Liberation

Shot parameters:
19.3grams of coffee in
29.2grams of espresso out
@94 degrees Celsius
26 seconds

Digitalism – Idealistic

You can also check out the Coffee Folk channel on Vimeo here:

Thanks for checking it out, and more detailed reviews soon!



Clever Coffee Dripper: Brewing 101

24 Oct

On this website I spend a lot of time discussing and working on espresso coffees, as well as the espresso brewing process.

After some thought, I finally decided to talk about one of my favourite methods of brewing filter coffees: the “Clever Dripper”. It is a relatively inexpensive brewing device that produces a really clean, crisp cup of coffee.

This is an in depth look at the device, and the brewing principles behind it. [NOTE: I absolutely do not work for/with Clever and am in no way affiliated with them!]

Coffee: Phil & Sebastian Ethiopia Sidama “Suke Quto”
Grind Size: medium filter grind
Weight: 19.0 grams of coffee
Water: 345.0 grams or 345mL

Any comments or concerns can be left in the comments.

If you wish to use this video, please credit Coffee Folk and link back to the site. I’d also love if you emailed me where you featured it so I can check out your site as well.

I hope this helps people understand and use the Clever, and moves towards a standardized brewing method for the device.

Thanks and happy brewing!


Detour Coffee – Guatemala Finca El Limonar

11 Oct

Recently Detour Coffee Roasters placed 5th at the 2011 Canadian Barista Championship.

Espresso profiled Guatemala from Detour.

Espresso profiled Guatemala from Detour.

Barista Geoff Woodly was pulling a version of the Finca El Limonar at  the competition. You can see the full results by clicking here.

I already posted a preview  of this coffee, which you should check out if you haven’t already.
Also, you can catch Detour on the twitter machine (@detourcoffee).


So I received this coffee long before the Canadian Barista Championships, and before I saw Geoff place 5th. Again, prior engagements caused a delay in correlating and posting my results.
As per usual, I started with the usual baseline I use, 94 degrees Celsius, 19grams. Given this was a single origin coffee, I was expecting it to be more difficult to pinpoint the sweet-spot.
Here is some footage of one of the early shots of the El Limonar:
This espresso seemed to work the best at 93 degrees Celsius. The dose seemed ideal around the 18.5 – 19.0 gram range, with a final liquid weight of 28-29 grams with a total shot length of 26-28 seconds. Keep reading for details.
Straight Shot

Guatemala Finca El Limonar

Guatemala Finca El Limonar

This espresso seemed to be pulling a little hot on my baseline parameters,  but a quick drop down to 93 degrees Celsius I was getting some good results.
@ 93 degrees Celsius: chocolate, orange rind, lemon acidity, stone fruit (primarily red plum), subtle sweetness and faint anise.

Unfortunately, all of these elements weren’t dominate at once. I found slightly different parameters highlighted certain aspects. For instance – an 18.3 gram dose to 29 grams of espresso – produced chocolate and a certain tobacco element in the cup. Yet – a 19.0 gram dose to 28 grams of espresso – produced that chocolate plum and faint anise.

In Milk

Pulling 19.2 grams solid to 28.7 grams liquid and adding 116 grams of milk (~6oz total volume cappuccino), the dominate flavour was a milky chocolate. There were hints of toffee and this interesting tootsie-roll like thing happening. If parameters were really tight, you could get a little of that anise (which was responsible for the tootsie-roll play).


Guatemala Finca El Limonar

Guatemala Finca El Limonar

Straight: notes of chocolate, lemon acidity and plum. It’s downfall was the one-noted-ness from the top of the cup, all the way to the bottom.  8/10

In Milk:  nice in milk, with milk chocolate and a toosie-roll chocolate/ anise play 9/10

Americano: faint notes of chocolate, lemon and lemon rind. Particularly straightforward, a little dull. 7/10

This had some interesting components, and I was surprised by the plum and anise. However, personally, I was disappointed by the one-noted-ness it produced in the cup. It was a little straight-forward and perhaps not one of the things I’d look for in a single origin espresso. Despite this, the Limonar earns a respectable… 88/ 100.

Of note, however, is Geoff’s 5th place finish at the Canadian Barista Championship. Evidently others found this interesting as a single origin espresso. Again, I found it lacking the complexity I look for in espresso.

Total 100 point score of 88/100.