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Bullet Espresso by Reunion Island

3 Feb

This is the second time I’ve reviews this coffee. The first batch I received wasn’t as fresh as I had hoped, so Adam at Reunion Island Coffee sent me over 3 brand new fresh bags!
Excellent really.

Bullet Espresso in the Cup.

Bullet Espresso in the Cup.

Right off the top I have to say this is a pretty classic smelling/ tasting blend. I’m willing to bet it’s Brazil based with some accents.

Working with this espresso was moderately easy.
However, I found it peaked at about a 94°C temperature and with a pretty standard ~18gram dose.

Via the Reunion Island site the notes are, “this espresso offers a full body and smooth finish, with notes of chocolate and black currant.” I’d like to agree with this for the most part, however I did find a little extra in some cases. Let’s break it down:

Straight Shot
My notes were: aromatics of cinnamon and berry (raspberry/blackberry). Tasting chocolate, syrup/ toffee and slightly smoky. I also found like a cherry play in the cup rather than what they called blackberry. There was a pretty good sweetness, and a medium-high acidity.

In Milk
As a 6oz cappuccino, I found it to be nice and sweet with that acidity cutting through the milk really well. A lot more of the chocolate components were noticeable.

As an americano I found it highlighted some of the notes I wasn’t very fussy about. It works, but it’s nothing special.

Straight: Pretty good, 8/10
In Milk: Good, 8.5/10
Americano: Okay, 7/ 10

Total 100 point score of 85/100.

Bullet as a 6oz Cappuccino.

Bullet as a 6oz Cappuccino.

Final thoughts: This would really be a great shop blend for most of the milk drinks and the occasional straight shot. A local place “Coffee and Company” pulls this on a regular basis and I’ve had some pretty good shots from there.

I would [guess] this was designed to cut through milk with some small highlights (cherry/smokiness). Love it in milk, and enjoy it as a straight shot  every once in a while.

Good classic blend. I was a lot more impressed with Reunion Island’s newer Cannonball. However, this lands a respectable 85/100.


What is your favorite ‘classic blend’? And where is it pulled (shop and location)?

Have a good weekend,

– Matt