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Clever Coffee Dripper: Brewing 101

24 Oct

On this website I spend a lot of time discussing and working on espresso coffees, as well as the espresso brewing process.

After some thought, I finally decided to talk about one of my favourite methods of brewing filter coffees: the “Clever Dripper”. It is a relatively¬†inexpensive¬†brewing device that produces a really clean, crisp cup of coffee.

This is an in depth look at the device, and the brewing principles behind it. [NOTE: I absolutely do not work for/with Clever and am in no way affiliated with them!]

Coffee: Phil & Sebastian Ethiopia Sidama “Suke Quto”
Grind Size: medium filter grind
Weight: 19.0 grams of coffee
Water: 345.0 grams or 345mL

Any comments or concerns can be left in the comments.

If you wish to use this video, please credit Coffee Folk and link back to the site. I’d also love if you emailed me where you featured it so I can check out your site as well.

I hope this helps people understand and use the Clever, and moves towards a standardized brewing method for the device.

Thanks and happy brewing!