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Phil and Sebastian – Part 2: Colombia

31 Aug

This is the second instalment of the [long awaited] Phil and Sebastian review and testing. This is a result of a number of things in my life… nevertheless, here it is!

Phil and Sebastian - Colombia

Phil and Sebastian - Colombia

I already posted a preview and full review of the Fazenda do Serrado, Brazil that you should check out, if you haven’t already.


So I received two separate bags of the Colombia. One was single estate, “Carlos Imbachi” profiled for filter/drip, and the other was a 7 farm blend profiled for espresso (“La Plata / Bruselas, Huila, Colombia”). Much like my earlier Brazil review, though I usually only focus on espresso testing I was very interested to play with both on multiple brewing methods.
Section 1: Non-Espresso Results

Pour Over

Brewed with 19grams of coffee via a Brewt device.
Initial aroma had cinnamon and spice, and first sips were clearly brighter than the Brazil I had previously tried. Acidity was medium to high with a pineapple-like quality and backed by a nice caramel sweetness. Overall mouthfeel was similar to juice, especially as it cooled. It’s complexity increased as it cooled, and red fruit dominated the cup.
Notes included: cinnamon, spice, pineapple, red fruit and caramel. Medium to high acidity, juice-like mouth-feel and nice red fruit finish.


Brewed with 18 grams of coffee with the upside-down method aeropress and coava disc.
The body increased a little over the pour over, and there was definitely chocolate dominating the cup. The cinnamon quality was still present as well as the red fruit, but there was also an interesting mango-peach thing going on.

Final Notes

The overall cup was interesting with a pleasing [yet high] acidity. Unlike the Brazil, it was a much brighter cup. Lots of fruit in this one, and a great juicy/ syrupy coffee.

Section 2: Espresso Results

Started with the usual baseline for this espresso (94 degrees Celsius, 19grams). Given this was a multi-estate espresso, I was open to the possibility there was more than one profile and temperature for this coffee.

La Plata / Bruselas, Huila, Colombia.

La Plata / Bruselas, Huila, Colombia.

This espresso seemed to work well at both 93 & 94 degrees Celsius. The dose seemed ideal around the 20.0 gram range, with a final liquid weight of ~31-33 grams with a total shot length of 26-27 seconds. Keep reading for details.

Straight Shot

Espresso was more than acceptable between 93 and 94 degrees Celsius, with best results (in my personal opinion) @ 94 degrees Celsius.
@ 93 degrees Celsius: caramelized flavors, berry-like, red fruit, and a snappy lemon acidity. Sweet with a little tartness.
@ 94 degrees Celsius: red fruit, orange, juicy, and really well balanced (more so than 93 degrees Celsius). Nicer acidity with some raspberry, vanilla and hints of caramelization.

While this was a fantastic espresso, it was relatively fussy. I could see potential for problems in a cafe setting, unless the staff was bang on all the time.

In Milk

Pulling 19.9 grams solid to 32.6 grams liquid and adding 98 grams of milk (~6oz total volume cappuccino), the dominate flavour was a caramel/ caramelization. It had an interesting ginger thing going on, with slight hints of ginger-like heat. There was also faint hints of lemon rind and a very pleasing tartness.

La Plata / Bruselas, Huila, Colombia.

La Plata / Bruselas, Huila, Colombia.


Straight: another multidimensional espresso with red fruit, berries, orange, caramelized sweetness 9+/10

In Milk:  great in small amounts of milk, with caramelized notes and ginger 9/10

While it wasn’t a single origin espresso in the truest sense, it was another espresso with multidimensional qualities. Nice complexity, and I was surprised by the changing flavour profile as the temperature changed. Final score for this coffee… 92/ 100.

This was a very promising Colombia, one of the better examples I’ve had in the past few years.

Total 100 point score of 92/100.

T-Shirt Potential

26 Aug

Prototype t-shirt…

Coffee Folk T-Shirt

Coffee Folk T-Shirt



What do you want to see more of?

21 Aug

What would you like to see more of? Less of?

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