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Coava Disc – First Impressions

28 Feb

It’s been busy here at Coffee Folk, and thus I have put the Coava Disc on hold while I worked on a few espresso blends.

This is an interesting innovation, and I couldn’t resist covering it. I’m calling this first impressions because I have not done enough testing with it to post my results.

I’m including an over-view with some photos. The last one is a great close up of the precision machined holes, and their size.

And here are the photos:

$1 postage. Excellent service.

$1 postage. Excellent service.

The Coava Disc - 008

The Coava Disc - 008

And the close-up as promised:

Coava Disc 008 - Close. Click for larger.
Coava Disc 008. Click for larger.

That’s all for now, have a good Monday!

Any of your own impressions? Please leave it in the comments!


– Matt