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Clever Coffee Dripper: Brewing 101

24 Oct

On this website I spend a lot of time discussing and working on espresso coffees, as well as the espresso brewing process.

After some thought, I finally decided to talk about one of my favourite methods of brewing filter coffees: the “Clever Dripper”. It is a relatively inexpensive brewing device that produces a really clean, crisp cup of coffee.

This is an in depth look at the device, and the brewing principles behind it. [NOTE: I absolutely do not work for/with Clever and am in no way affiliated with them!]

Coffee: Phil & Sebastian Ethiopia Sidama “Suke Quto”
Grind Size: medium filter grind
Weight: 19.0 grams of coffee
Water: 345.0 grams or 345mL

Any comments or concerns can be left in the comments.

If you wish to use this video, please credit Coffee Folk and link back to the site. I’d also love if you emailed me where you featured it so I can check out your site as well.

I hope this helps people understand and use the Clever, and moves towards a standardized brewing method for the device.

Thanks and happy brewing!


First Impressions – Milk Temperature

1 Mar

So after hearing “Jimseven” (James Hoffmann) talking about the optimal milk temperature of a traditional 6oz cappuccino, I became inspired to investigate and actually determine where the “sweet-spot” was [pun intended!].

This morning, I stuck a thermometer into two separate 6oz cappuccinos I made, the same way I always do for myself.
[parameters are usually ~28-29grams of liquid espresso from ~19grams of coffee and ~110-115grams of milk]

NOTE: I want to be clear here, I make sure the milk is cooler at home than at the cafe (because people get angry when their coffee isn’t hot).

Right, so the usual temperature I use for myself by feeling it out with my hand kept landing at ~115°F.
Now that is much lower than I would expect to see in a cafe where the recommended is ~145°F.


Final drink temperature ~115°F

Final drink temperature ~115°F

Over the next week or two I plan to sample everywhere from 100°F to 140°F and then post my results.

Perhaps this could become a group effort, leave it in the comments if you have any suggestions, feedback or want to get involved with this.

Coava Disc – First Impressions

28 Feb

It’s been busy here at Coffee Folk, and thus I have put the Coava Disc on hold while I worked on a few espresso blends.

This is an interesting innovation, and I couldn’t resist covering it. I’m calling this first impressions because I have not done enough testing with it to post my results.

I’m including an over-view with some photos. The last one is a great close up of the precision machined holes, and their size.

And here are the photos:

$1 postage. Excellent service.

$1 postage. Excellent service.

The Coava Disc - 008

The Coava Disc - 008

And the close-up as promised:

Coava Disc 008 - Close. Click for larger.
Coava Disc 008. Click for larger.

That’s all for now, have a good Monday!

Any of your own impressions? Please leave it in the comments!


– Matt

Coffee Adventures Preview + Press Pot Technique

17 Feb
The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple

Jamie @ The Coffee Adventures down in Florida sent me one of her best-selling blends this week to play with on the espresso machine and as a press-pot. It will be arriving in two batches, the first one for testing, and the second for my final review.

Well, the first batch of “The Odd Couple” came in yesterday afternoon and I wanted to get a quick preview of it out. On top of this, I also wanted to get a short video out on press-pot technique, so this seemed like the perfect time.

This one is interesting, and she disclosed it to be an Ethiopian and Indian blended together – thus earning the name Odd Couple. Playing with this on the espresso machine was strange, but the results from the press-pot were pleasing.

Full details to follow.


– Matt