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“The Best of Coffee” – October

9 Nov
Strolling around the backyard, coffee in hand.

Strolling around the backyard, coffee in hand.

October passed by quickly. The combination of school and work put a huge dent in my cafe visits this month…

BUT I had the chance to try a bunch of new and different coffees from a wide range of Roasters: 49th Parallel, Phil & Sebastian, and 3 others from a Craft Coffee monthly subscription (I’ll have more in this in the future).

While (sadly) only a mere two coffees made it into the best of this month, I’ve been noticing more and more that 2012 is coming to an end. I look forward to writing about my best experiences!

This post will ultimately be short. However, you should keep an eye out for another post in the near future which will detail my experience with the Craft Coffee Monthly Subscription.



Phil & Sebastian
Patricia Perez, GUATEMALA

This coffee was heavily hyped by Steve down at Rocket Bakery. He excitedly explained the story of this coffee before it had even arrived, and once it did come in I made sure I got my hands on some. Surprisingly, some of the story even appeared on the bag.

P&S Patricia Perez Guatemala

P&S Patricia Perez Guatemala

This was good on both the french press and the clever. Personally, I found this coffee was more exciting on the nose than on the palate… perhaps this was also a product of the excessive hype. Nevertheless, this was a nice coffee with spice, apricot and red berries on the nose.

Aroma 9+ /10  

Body 9 /10 

Sweetness   9 /10

Acidity 9+ / 10 

Finish 8+ /10

On the palate it had a nice body (winey mouthfeel), tart cranberry-like acidity,  chocolate, red currant, a slight greenish-ness, with a slightly drying finish.

91 /100 pts


49th Parallel 
El Ocotillo, HONDURAS

This was a real nice coffee, very subtle and great complexity. I hammered through this bag of coffee fast enough I nearly forgot to write notes…

49th's Honduras El Ocotillo

49th’s Honduras El Ocotillo

On the nose, there was a low to medium intensity, I found dried sticky fruit like figs and dates, and red berries.

Aroma 9 /10  

Body 9+ /10 

Sweetness   9 /10

Acidity 9 / 10 

Finish 9 /10

On the palate, the coffee had a welcoming syrupy body. I found there were obvious notes of prunes, along with some red berry and some chocolate, with a lingering cocoa finish.

This would make a great everyday coffee, nice complexity makes it interesting to drink. Certainly not overbearing in any aspect, even though I’m describing an obvious prune-like character.

91 /100 pts


Out on the Town / Other Thoughts


Apparently I was  hermit this month. I only remember 1 cafe visit, and it was late in the month:

Afternoon 'spro and Cannondale Supersix SRAM

Afternoon ‘spro and Cannondale Supersix SRAM

October 26th

After getting out for a short 45 kilometer bicycle ride in the cool autumn air, I stopped into Post Espresso on the way home. I remember David mentioning they would be featuring a guest roaster. This is the second time David has done something of this sort, and it’s particularly exciting when he does so. If you don’t already, you can follow David on twitter (@postespresso).

The guest roaster for October was Koppi Coffee Roasters from Helsingborg, Sweden. This fits neatly with the Scandinavian theme David puts forth in the cafe… I’ll have to shoot some photos I suppose!

Because I knew I would only get to try this coffee for such a short time, I planned to make a few passes at the bar, especially if I liked the coffee.

First, I ordered an espresso. Personally, I found it was pulled a little short.

Coffee cups @ Post

Coffee cups @ Post

I’m guessing it was < 30 ml of coffee for a double. While it was pretty sweet, it was also pretty muted and the crema was pretty dark. I drank it up, and thought to myself that it would be great in milk of equal proportions. A shot that size would really pop in milk.

However, David was kind enough to offer up another coffee as a pour-over: a Costa Rican Geisha crop from “Monte Rosa” also roasted by Koppi. I really have to say, it was one of the nicest coffees – if not the nicest – I have had at Post. It was deliciously sweet, and it held lots of Costa Rica’s typicity that I like so much. Tons of citrus on the nose, especially orange and lemon, and some floral components. On the palate it had a lighter body – like many geishas so often have – but great acidity and sweetness, with orange, faint berry, and chocolate.

Happy with such a delicious coffee, I did not swing back for that macchiato. However, I can’t say I regret it… that was a delicious coffee to think about on my ride home. Thanks David.


Daylight savings time has come into effect as I write this, and we get nearer and nearer to winter. Buckle up, break out your toque and get ready for more coffee!

– Matt