“The Best of Coffee” – August

5 Sep

The months of July and August ran into each other, simply because of the timing – I chose to start this “Best Of” feature in mid-July. This made it a little confusing as to what I would include in each post, as well as how it would look.

Pouring up some coffee in the backyard.

Pouring up some coffee in the backyard.

Since I’m still working on the actual layout for these monthly updates, it may still change slightly (however this seems to flow nicely). Featured coffees for this month include Phil & Sebastian and Fratello, as well as some updates out and about in St. John’s.




Phil & Sebastian

Very early in August my good friend Steve down at Rocket Bakery gave me a shout and let me know about the @PhilandSeb Kenya Ngunguru. Thanks to some friendly coffee exchanging some time ago, Steve was going to bring a bag in complementary!

Generally my experience with Kenya coffees is underwhelming on the ‘cost to taste’ ratio.

P&S Kenya Ngunguru

P&S Kenya Ngunguru

HOWEVER, this was a real nice coffee. Usually I never finish a bag of coffee because I have so much work to do trying multiple coffees, but this one I happily drank almost every morning. It was really one of those coffees I could drink everyday for a long time. I finished the whole bag.

This was good on both the french press and the clever. On the nose I found it to be very floral, dried fruit, spice, and faint melon.

Aroma 9 /10  

Body 8+ /10 

Sweetness   9 /10

Acidity 9 / 10 

Finish 9+ /10

On the palate I found it had a huge juicy acidity and lots of sweetness. I found melon and spice with faint dried fruits. There was also a citrus component that became particularly apparent as the cup cooled- grapefruit in particular.



Ethiopian ECX Top Lot

Ethiopian ECX Top Lot

I’ve been trying out coffees from @FratelloCoffee for some time now and I’d like to think I have a good relationship with Russ (@FratelloCoffee2 on the twitter machine). Whenever they receive and roast new coffees they are happy with, he always makes sure to send some my way for feedback.

This month, I receive two coffees from them. I’d like to put my focus on one in particular here: an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Sadly, we will never know its exact origins because it was placed on the Ethiopian exchange (hence ECX in its name), nevertheless it is a very interesting coffee.

This coffee was very a-typical for a Yirgacheffe, something you would want to try out if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. I need to point out my early reactions with this coffee were because I had brewed it too fresh (August 20th roast date). I actually found this started to peak around 7+ days off roast.

On the nose I found it had a medium intensity with grapefruit, spice, and some ‘fruit doughnut’.

Aroma 9 /10  

Body 9 /10 

Sweetness   9 /10

Acidity 8+ / 10 

Finish 8+ /10

On the palate it showed it’s unusual-ness. I found it had a typical citrus, but also a persimmon-like middle and sweetness. It was delicate and had a black tea finish (also savoury).

Despite its delicacy, I found this coffee did far better on a french press. It seemed the Clever accentuated it’s dry aspects and sucked some of its sweetness out. Maybe some tweaking could fix this.


Out on the Town / Other Thoughts


My cafe visits were few in the month of August. Sadly I can relive the month simply by looking through my phone – if there were no photos of espresso in cafe, well then it just wasn’t a really special experience.

I found myself enjoying the last bit of summer, taking my french press and hand grinder around and brewing outdoors. As we move into the month of September and I dig back into school work, the cafe visits will climb greatly.

Hold on tight and brace for fall…

Keep warm with coffee, and thanks for reading!

– Matt

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