52 Bottles of Wine Project (2012)

13 Jan

My New Years Resolution this year:

“ Drink a bottle of wine a week, for a full year “

Wine is something I have always found intimidating. At the heart of my fear are two things: the huge selection and the wealth of information.

However, I want to keep developing my palate and expanding both my tongue and brain. My thoughts are that I should be able to carry knowledge from Coffee and Whiskey, however I need to learn to be able to communicate across different mediums (wine being the oldest and most universal).

My hopes are that I can encourage others to break into the intimidating wine market, as I too start with the basics in a new medium. I have begun reading over the past few weeks, and will be using this project to dig into the basics.

52 Bottles of Wine Project

52 Bottles of Wine Project

The Project

Follow the Project by clicking here!

The Idea: drink at least a bottle of wine per week, over the course of a year, totalling 52 bottles of wine (minimum).

The philosophy: wine can get very expensive. By spreading it out in this manner, it becomes a lot more approachable and attainable. The goal is to try and sample classic/ typical expressions of the major grape varieties. This sets a reference point for my brain and tongue as I begin to work into other wines, later in the year.

I have started a counterpart website called Wine Folk:


Feel free to participate with me, or even try buying the same wines and commenting in along the journey!

Happy 2012,


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