First Look – Detour Coffee Roasters

8 Sep

Within hours of contacting Detour Coffee Roasters on the twitter machine (@detourcoffee), Kaelin responded. He was more than happy to get two coffees out that same day and get them under the microscope here at Coffee Folk.

Package arrives from Detour!

Package arrives from Detour!

Their concept is great and the website has nice clean lines:

I was also really happy to see the way in which they display their coffees. Instead of the typical narrowing down by area, they first go by region! (example being Sidama ARDI, from Ethiopia)

Upon opening the parcel, there were two coffees inside. One was a Helsar De Zecaro from Costa Rica for Filter/ Drip, and the other a Finca El Limonar from Guatemala with an espresso Profile.

Espresso profiled Guatemala from Detour.

Espresso profiled Guatemala from Detour.

After working with these two coffees, I decided to only post on the espresso profile.
This was for a number of reasons, but mostly because this blog centres on espresso work.

Stay tuned, the full detailed post should be up soon!


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