First Look – Social Coffee & Tea Company

25 Mar

I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Steve over at Social Coffee Company, which is a top notch Canadian coffee roaster sourcing some excellent coffees. You can catch them on the twitter machine: @SocialCoffeeCo

In the past, I’ve sampled one of their best selling espresso blends “Peoples Daily”, and with great pleasure.

After shooting a few emails back and forth, this time we decided to do two Single Origin espressos. Boy was I excited!


First look: shiny!

I pulled them out of the box, and was happy to see a roast date printed in the bag, as well as some more detailed information about the coffees.

"Bolivia Cima del Jaguar" & "Honduras Finca Fernanez COE#4"

"Bolivia Cima del Jaguar" Direct Trade & "Honduras Finca Fernanez COE#4"

I have to admit I was genuinely exited about both, but I couldn’t resist opening the Cup of Excellent #4 first. Here is a detail shot of the beans:

Testing the Honduras Finca Fernanez COE#4 first.

Testing the Honduras Finca Fernanez COE#4 first.

And lastly, after pulling a few shots I dialled it in fairly tight, getting lots of brightness, berry, stone fruit and candy!

More details will follow in it’s full review, but here is a snap of the Honduras Finca Fernanez in the cup:

Honduras Finca Fernanez in the cup.

Honduras Finca Fernanez in the cup.

That’s all for now!
Full review of each coffee will be up soon.

Have a good weekend!

– Matt


4 Responses to “First Look – Social Coffee & Tea Company”

  1. Lara Berendt March 27, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Your photos are gorgeous! When you describe notes of berry, stone fruit and candy it’s very reminiscent of wine-tasting terminology. I knew that teas also take on a lot of complexity and elements of their terroir, so I guess I should have known that coffee is no different! You’ve inspired me to delve further into the world of coffee. Thanks!

    • MattCReynolds March 27, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

      Thanks Lara!
      Good luck on your quest, feel free to shoot me a PM if you need any help.
      – Matt


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