First Look – Metropolis Redline Espresso

10 Mar

I’ve been chatting off and on with the guys at Metropolis on the twitter machine: @MtropolisCoffee. They are a small batch artisan roaster down in Chicago.

The Redline Espresso is a really popular blend and has been suggested by numerous people around the web and on twitter. Unfortunately this tasting has not been as interactive as some of the others (as far as dialogue with metropolis itself or having names/ contacts), but nevertheless they have been awesome.

Here are the first look photos:

Fresh Metropolis with roast date!

Fresh Metropolis with roast date!

Roasted Redline, bean close-up.

Roasted Redline, bean close-up.

Taking the Redline!

Taking the Redline!

Stay tuned, full details and notes will be up soon.

– Matt


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    […] March 15, 2011 by MattCReynolds This coffee was a blast to work with. Last week I posted a preview which detailed my contact with Metropolis as well as photos of the coffee beans, and the first few […]

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