Reunion Island Coffee – Preview

25 Jan

Normally when I do a review, a roaster sends out a bag of coffee for me to work with and taste.

However, this week I received a huge package from Reunion Island Coffee with 6 bags of coffee. And boy, did that ever make me excited!

6 Bags from Reunion Island

6 Bags from Reunion Island

Right, so this week I have 3 bags of Cannonball Espresso blend, AND 3 bags of their Bullet Espresso blend.

I’m excited because I can play around with dosage, temperature, and its effects as an americano and in milk.

Cannonball and Bullet Espresso

Cannonball and Bullet Espresso

Anyway, I’ve only just begun testing. All my results will be posted sometime in the next week.

I have to send out a HUGE thanks to Adam over at Reunion Island who has been emailing this week keeping in touch. It has been an awesome experience, one of the best to date.

Anyway, here is a preview image to leave you with. A nice goopy double espresso of the Cannonball…

Cannonball Bottomless

Cannonball Bottomless


– Matt


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